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Pestfree is currently contracted to provide municipal pest control services across areas in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Our top priority in delivering pest control services to the municipality is to ensure the safety and health of the general public. We work with the local communities to ensure that the integrated approach to pest management is understood, whereby pest harbourages and attractants are reduced and removed. This approach enables Pestfree to limit the amount of pesticides used, ensuring that the impact on the environment is minimal.

Municipal services

Pestfree supports the government in its effort to ensure the health and safety of the general public. Pestfree is ISO certified and has the experience to protect...more...

Eco-friendly Pest Management

Pestfree is committed to ensuring the impact of the pesticides on the environment is minimal...more...


Pestfree is committed to providing effective and environmentally conscious pest control services for our customers. READ MORE.


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