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Your business reputation is of paramount importance to your employees and customers. Professional pest control can enhance your reputation by ensuring your business is safe from pest infestations.

Selecting the right pest control company for your business is equally as important. Pestfree has been servicing the UAE market since 1992, from small businesses to large commercial entities. We offer cost effective commercial pest control services across a large number of market segments.

Only the most advanced techniques are used to ensure the targeted pests are controlled and eliminated while minimizing the impact on the environment. These contracted services are provided through structured maintenance programs conducted by trained and licensed technicians. Each commercial service is customized to suit the site and meet the desired needs of the customer.

To know more about our commercial services, please call 600 523 330 or send us your contact details and we’ll call you immediately.

Commercial services

Pests are unsolicited occupants of businesses and properties. They can spread infections, damage stock and buildings, contaminate foodstuffs and goods and transmit diseases . more...

Market Segments

The key to all successful pest control is proper sanitation and exclusion, along with regular inspections and monitoring of pest activity.  more...

Eco-friendly Pest Management

Pestfree is committed to ensuring the impact of the pesticides on the environment is minimal more...


Pestfree is committed to providing effective and environmentally conscious pest control services for our customers. READ MORE.

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