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Pestfree Integrated Management System Policy

Pestfree is committed to providing products and services that fully meet Customers’ requirements and comply with any applicable laws and regulations affecting its products and services, together with the Code of Ethics of the USA National Pest Management Association, to which Pestfree subscribes. 

we are committed to comply with all legal, relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, local & International, applicable to our product or service, together with any existing standards or code of practices and to continually improve in all spheres of its activities. 

In particular, Pestfree has identified the aspects of its activities that it believes could have a significant impact on food and the environment or could allow unacceptable risks of injury or illness to our employees, visitors and all persons under our control within the workplace and have taken action to minimize these impacts and risks. 

To help us achieve these aims, Pestfree has developed and will maintain an HACCP SYATEM HHACCP Codex Alimentarius Commission – Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme. (CD-ROM) ,which goes in align with and Integrated Management System (IMS) that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007, and is committed to continually improving this system to the benefit of its customers, employees, visitors and other associated stakeholders and to preventing pollution of the environment. 

The integrated management system shall ensure that effective planning, operation and control of its processes and records are carried out for all work undertaken including, where appropriate, measuring performance against specified quality, environmental or health and safety objectives. 

This IMS system periodically reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability, and is communicated to all members of staff and any associates and/or sub-contractors working on our behalf, through induction and general awareness training. It is displayed in strategic locations throughout the company, including reception areas, making it fully available to all interested parties including, where appropriate, members of the public. 


Hassan Malik 

General Manager 

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